Additional services

A twisting service is available to convert the yarn into aran or double knitting weight.

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The spinning process

This picture contains some of our raw material suppliers, grown and reared naturally upon the fells and downs of the British countryside.

Shearing – this operation is a skill carried out by hand using time honoured methods developed over hundreds of years to ensure ultimate safety for the sheep.

Grading - this process allows experienced wool sorters to select wool at the correct length/ colour /micron (fibre thickness) for worsted wool spinning which requires only the best quality of wool.

Scouring - this operation uses water and light detergent to “wash” the wool, removing oils (lanolin), dirt, vegetable matter, short and dead fibres.

Combing - this process ensures that all fibres are parallel and that all short fibres are removed ready for spinning. The removal of short fibres ensures that the wool will have less liability to pill (ball-up) when garments are worn. This process produces a wool top which is then used within the dyeing and spinning process.

Top dyeing - allows the wool to be dyed in a gentle process, which does not damage the wool fibres. It also gives the colour more volume and depth when spun.

Gilling - this process allows multiple colour dyes to mixed together to manufacture rich, heather, melange colours.

Drawing - the first process of spinning where the combed wool top is drawn out to prepare the sliver for the worsted spinning frame which requires wool to be presented to the spinning frame at the correct weight and levelness, thereby removing unevenness within the final yarn.

Spinning/ twisting - our yarn is spun on new semi- automated spinning frames fitted with, a vacuum extraction units to ensure contamination is taken out of both the yarn and the air. All our yarns are twisted to ensure optimum strength and softness for knitting.

Winding - the final operation is a specialist wax winding process, which ensures that all our knitting yarns are finished containing a natural wax solution for easy, faultless, knitting.